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Value added Analytics

  • Foreign Fund Flows
  • Market structure

Foreign Fund Flows

In order to increase transparency and promote the domestic equity market as a center of price discovery for securities of Russian companies, the Moscow Exchange introduced Foreign Fund Flows indicator.

The Indicator represents the difference between total value of buy trades and total value of sell trades of non-residents for the period on the MOEX Equity Market, including on-exchange main trading mode and negotiated trading mode. The indicator includes trades of non-resident clients and dealer (proprietary) trades of Russian subsidiaries of global banks and brokers.

Two types of subscriptions are available:

  • Free monthly subscription for MOEX equities market: FFF report
  • Paid subscription for per instrument data on more frequent intervals

Market structure

Moscow Exchange creates, processes and stores a great volume of unique data across all groups and categories of the financial market participants such as banks, brokers, individual investors, algos, and collective investment institutions.

Such data is made anonymous and aggregated, as well as it is used to derive benchmarks by types of investors (retail, non-resident, collective, etc.) trading a specific instrument or a group of instruments.

The product Market Structure has been designed for professional participants and investors to make the market more accessible and transparent and provide them with useful instruments for reasonable decision-making and risk management.

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